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  • Coagulation

  • Flocculantion (Polymers) 

  • Sedimentation 

  • Flotation 

  • Adsorbention (Clay / Carbon) 

  • Emulsion breakers 

  • Metal precipitants 

  • Dispersants 

  • Cleaners 

  • pH-control agents 

  • Foam control agents (Defoamers / Antifoams) 

  • Micro-bio control agents 



  • Flotation Systems (Conventional, DAF (Dissolved-Air-Flotation) and M-DAF (Micro-Dissolved-Air-Flotation)) 

  • Stripping Systems 

  • Filtration Systems (Membrane Filtration (Micro Filtration, Ultra Filtration, Nano Filtration and Reverse Osmosis). Disk and Pressure Filters) 

  • Screening Systems (Step and Screw Screens) 

  • Sand Treatment (Grit Washers and Classifiers) 

  • Sludge Conveyors (Belt and Screw Conveyors) 

  • Sludge Thickeners 

  • Sludge Dewatering Systems 

  • Aeration Systems (Submersible, Surface Aerators and Diffusers) 

  • Mixing Systems (Submersible Horizontal Mixers and Flow Accelerators )

  • Dosing Pumps 

  • Polymer Make-Down Units​ 

  • Pilot Units 

Customers using our innovative technologies:

  • Research institute within Bioeconomy and Health, RISE.

  • Sweden’s largest manufacturer of Printed Circuit Boards, MMAB.

  • Producers and manufacturers of specialist chemicals, like SEPAR

Industrial Water and Wastewater 

We offer a wide range of chemical products including our own formulations and the full range of our partner company SEPAR. We also supply engineered solutions and equipment for industrial water and wastewater treatment. 

Biopolymer based
Biopolymer based Coagulants 

We supply a wide range of customized and unique biopolymer (natural vegetable) based coagulants. The products could be 100% biopolymer based or a blend combining the positive properties of biopolymers, synthetic polymers and inorganic coagulants.  

This customized product range improves the environmental footprint, increase treatment performance and reduces total cost of operation.

Water based Flocculants 

We offer a wide range of water dispersion Flocculants based on a unique technology. The polymer products are free of solvents and surfactants, and part of this range is also free of acrylamide. 


This sustainable technology comes with significant advantages over powder and emulsion flocculants:

  • Easier preparation with a simple make down system

  • Direct dosing (the products are water soluble and do not require long ageing time.)


Our water-based Flocculants product range is cationic, anionic, amphoteric and acrylamide free with different molecular weights and structures (linear, cross-linked). The products cover all kind of separation (Sedimentation, Flotation) and dewatering (Centrifuge, belt press) technologies.

Biodegradable Defoamers 

We offer a wide range of biodegradable and mineral oil free defoamers 

Biopolymer based Bacteria Control

This technology is based on a unique biopolymer solution containing a synergy effect of various approved biocides. A polymer solution allows the concentration of biocides to be minimized and thus, the products contain a very low concentration of active ingredients, which make the products unclassified and considered environmentally friendly.

The unique biopolymer solution ensures that a longer protection in the water system is guaranteed and prevents/removes biofilm. The use of the technology enhances the effects of other biocides used in the water system and can replace existing biocides or reduce them up to 80%. With the new technology bacteria cannot become resistant.

The technology has successfully been tested in automotive-, painting-, paper- and other industrial water circuits.

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