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About us


INWACO was founded in 2016 by Daas Jabbour to develop and implement customized and environmentally friendly technologies in the field of industrial water and wastewater treatment.   


There are many global and local companies supplying conventional and partly green solutions in this field. Most of the suppliers want to keep in their comfort zone for reasons like risk, costs, portfolio management and time.  


We see each client as a long-term project where we get involved from the beginning to help identify areas of improvement and propose an improvement plan where we develop and implement a customized solution that meets the goals regarding productivity, costs and environmental protection. 


Our expertise and focus on green technology in combination with the knowledge of our partners and suppliers gives us a wide and flexible “toolbox” from which we can provide “best practice” solutions.  


Founder Daas Jabbour graduated in 2008 from RWTH Aachen, Germany as an Environmental Engineer specialized in wastewater treatment technologies.


He started his career as an Application Engineer and for more than 12 years, he has held various responsibilities as a Technical Specialist and Sales Manager within engineering and global water treatment. 


He is a product, process and application expert with a “thinking outside of the box” mentality in the field of paint detackification and industrial wastewater treatment. 


Our team of technical consultants – all experts in the fields of chemicals and engineering – will support you throughout the development and optimization process.  

Daas Jabbour

"Founder Daas Jabbour"

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