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Automotive and Painting

INWACO is offering a wide range of chemical, mechanical and service solutions to local partners specialised in the Automotive and Painting industry. 

Our main innovations are including the latest generation chemicals and best avaliable technologies in the following fields: 

  • Paint detackification 

  • Hydropurge & Cleaning 

  • Paint Stripping  

  • Micro-bio Control 

  • Wastewater  

  • Cooling & Boiler 

  • Water & Liquid Recycling 

  • Ultrafiltration & Anode Cells for Electrocoating (E-Coat) 


Our partners are using our innovative solutions in following fields: 

  • Automotive Production Plants  

  • Construction Equipment Manufacturers  

  • Automotive Tier1 Suppliers  

  • Industrial Painting Plants

Our solutions are used by:

Paint Detackification Jar Testing Onsite

Paint Detackification Pilot Trial Onsite

Paint Detackification Full-Scale Industrial

Paint Detackification Full-Scale Automotive


INWACO has developed the newest generation of innovative green paint detackification chemicals.

The technology has been implemented into the Automotive and Painting industry under the brand ADgreen®.

Paint Detakification
Paint Detackification – managing paint overspray

During the painting process, every business will experience that a significant amount of paint does not end up on the intended object.  
This is called “paint overspray” where excess paint gets transported by the paint booth air stream and risks contaminating the external environment through the exhaust air. To avoid contamination, the paint needs to be captured and removed from the airstream. It can be done by filters, dry- or semi-dry scrubbers, or a wet (water) scrubber.

In the past decade, the trend among most automotive and industrial spray booths has been to use a wet scrubber. The wet scrubber offers flexibility in the painting application and paint systems, robustness in maintenance and stability in painting quality.
The wet scrubbers create a high turbulence and mixing energy at the contact zone between the air and water, transferring paint overspray particles from the air to the circulating process water. Circulating water is pumped continuously from a system tank to the scrubber and returned with paint overspray.


In order to disperse and detackify the paint overspray, the circulating water must be treated with detackification chemicals. The chemical treatment used depends on the type of paints, the quality of the circulating process water and make up water, and the design and layout of both the paint booth and the process water treatment plant. 

The treated paint overspray solids need to be separated from the circulating process water stream which will allow the water to be recycled into the scrubber. Separation is done by flotation, sedimentation, or filtration. Suitable flocculating additives will be added depending on system layout and separation technology. After separation, the liquid paint sludge will be dewatered to reduce the amount of disposal and water losses. Dewatering devices are decanters, gravity bags or evaporators. 

For a good functioning wet scrubber, it is essential for each project to evaluate the individual and optimal chemical program, defining dosing equipment and points, establishing control measures and automation.

Advanced Hydropurge Cleaners

We have developed a new generation of Hydropurge, where the technology has been implemented into the Automotive and Painting industry.
ADgreen® Paint Detackification: the only totally green paint detackification program 

The program focuses on using alternative chemistry based on natural resources and substitution of hazardous ingredients like formaldehydes, solvents, mineral oils, Acrylamides, and biocides.

The program includes the following product groups:


  • Unique biopolymer and mineral based detackifier formulations: these help denature and coagulate the paint, and are adapted to different paint systems, booth design and customer needs. The products in this group contain very high active content and are free from melamine, formaldehyde free, and with the option for chloride free.

  • Unique water-soluble dispersion flocculants: these help separate and dewater the coagulated paint. The products in this group containing high active content and are free from mineral oil and surfactants with low or free acrylamide concentration. Simple dosing equipment is needed as these are easy to dilute in water and require no ageing/activation. 

  • Vegetable oil based defoamers: these keep foam under control in water-based paint systems. The products in this group contain high active content and are free from silicone and mineral oil.

  • Unique bio-polymer based cleaning and conservation additives: these keep micro-bio and bio-film growth under control. The products in this group are water based and are not classified as hazardous or regulated during transportation. No conventional hazardous biocides will be needed. 

  • Use of pH-control agents like caustic soda or others is limited or not required at all.

Our programs are successfully running at major automotive, industrial and Tier1 supplier paint shops across Europe. The main results and benefits for our customers are:


  • Flexibility with a wide operational window

  • Improved painting quality from implementing an efficient and stable paint overspray scrubber system

  • A reduction in cleaning and an increase in capacity, thanks to the increased removal efficiency and improved circulating water quality

  • A reduction in paint sludge waste thanks to increased paint sludge dryness

  • Increased operational window resulting in minimized service demand

  • Substitution of hazardous material resulting in optimization of the ecological footprint

  • Working with highly concentrated product resulting in better product usage and a reduction in chemical demand

  • Yearly cost for our chemical program is normally no more than conventional or semi-green programs

  • Yearly savings are granted in waste disposal, cleaning, maintenance, and service

Hydropurge – cleaning the painting equipment

During colour changes of water-based paints in the automotive and industrial painting processes, Hydropurge is used to clean the painting equipment. In comparison to traditional solutions based on Polyglycol/Amine, only 10% of our innovative and concentrated product is used. 

Our product can be used without any modifications to the existing cleaning plant. 
If you compare this to Butylglycol/Amine solutions, the Volatile Organic Components (VOC) is >90% less and the product is biodegradable. The product is non-flammable which is resulting that it is not classified as ADR3. 


Main benefits of the technology are:

  • Reducing chemical consumption

  • Reducing the release of volatile organic components

  • Greener footprint 

  • Reducing total cost of operation

  • Full compatibility with our ADgreen® paint detackification program


Biopolymer based Bacteria Control 

We have developed the latest green innovation for micro-bio control in industrial process water systems. The technology has been implemented into the Automotive and Painting industry

Biopolymer – green technology for micro-bio and biofilm control

This technology is based on a unique Biopolymer solution containing a synergy effect of various approved biocides. Polymer solution allows the concentration of biocides to be minimized and the products contains a very low concentration of active ingredients that the products are unclassified and are considered environmentally friendly.

The unique Biopolymer solution ensures that a longer protection in the water system is guaranteed and prevents/removes biofilm. The use of the technology enhances the effects of other biocides used in the water system and can replace existing biocides or reduce them up to 80%. With the new technology bacteria cannot become resistant.

Main benefits of the technology are:

  • Minimizing or substitution of use of conventional hazardous biocides

  • Avoiding bacteria becoming resistant

  • Avoiding and removing bio-film

  • Non-classified products

  • Reducing the total cost of operations

The technology is successfully implemented into our ADgreen® program for Paint Detackification, making it to the only biocide-free with the highest green footprint program on the market.

The technology is currently being tested and evaluated for use in automotive paint pre-treatment and E-coat rinses. 

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